Everyday Racial Bias

“The Look” Shines a Light on Everyday Racial Bias"

See firsthand the impact of racial bias and how it affects those who experience it.

Every day P&G works to create a world where people can be their best, authentic selves, both at work and play. As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we created “The Look,” a short film that helps shed light on and continue the conversation about racial bias.

In the film, viewers follow a Black man as he moves through his day, witnessing the “looks” he gets as he walks his son to school, eats lunch and goes shopping. These looks demonstrate a barrier to acceptance based on the color of his skin, and this man is just one of many people who encounter bias every single day.

Our hope is that “The Look” raises awareness, reignites conversation and enables lasting change in the hearts and minds of all who watch.

Watch the video.



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