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Lifting our communities

Giving back and serving the areas where we work and live to make meaningful differences in our communities.

Tide Loads of Hope

8,000 loads of clean laundry have been provided by Tide Loads of Hope since 2005. We met our goal to provide detergent for 25,000 days of clean clothes to people in need. Let’s make it to 300,000.

P&G Children's Safe
Drinking Water

To date, CSDW has provided 17 billion liters of clean water. We’ve reached our first goal — to provide 25,000 days of clean water to people in need. Let’s work together to reach our next goal: 2,000,000 days.

Canadian Olympic Foundation

The Canadian Olympic Foundation strives to remove financial barriers from our athletes and equip them with the tools and environments they need to succeed.

Protecting our planet

Enabling and inspiring positive impact on our environment and society through sustainability efforts.

Dawn Save Wildlife

For over 40 years, Dawn has been trusted to clean oil-covered wildlife. We’ve already provided dish soap for the first bath of more than 25,000 oil-covered birds. Help us provide the next 500,000.

World Wildlife Fund Canada

P&G Canada is committed to our Ambition 2030 goals and creating a better future for our planet. Now, we are contributing to Help provide students with a native plant for wildlife to have a meaningful impact on nature and wildlife in their own communities.

A voice for equality

Ensuring fair treatment, equality of opportunity and access to resources for all while maintaining a sense of belonging and acceptance.


Through their partnership with Feeding America® and Global Medic®, Always has donated over 35 million pads, and together we’ve already donated 25,000 period products. Let’s do even more good and make it to 1,000,000.

man and kids doing dishes in white kitchen

Come Clean to Close the Chore Gap

When we create more equality at home, we help create more equality in the world. Join us in donating cleaning products to help families close the chore gap at home.

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