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How to Support the LGBTQ+ Community All Year Long

These 12 ideas can help you advocate for the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month and beyond.

Support for the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month is always a celebration — full of rainbows, glitter, festivals and inspiration. This year, Pride will look different, but we can still spread positive messages to support members of the LGBTQ+ community and all marginalized and underrepresented groups.

Let’s come together as allies and advocates for diversity and inclusion, today and every day. Sharing our support, joy, progress and hope with friends, family and neighbors is always a good idea. Here’s how you can help turn Pride into action 365 days a year.

12 Ways to Support the LGBTQ+ Community All Year Long

1. Advocate in Your Workplace

Do your part to make sure LGBTQ+ employees feel safe, valued and able to speak openly. If your company doesn’t have one already, start a diversity and inclusion council. Then make sure policies, environments and hiring practices are welcoming for all employees — no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity.

2. Support Community “Safe Havens”

These often-underfunded community centers help LGBTQ+ people access services and build relationships. Find one near you and consider donating or volunteering. Plus, look into whether your local schools and youth organizations have inclusive policies and practices for those from diverse backgrounds. If they don’t, campaign for change.

3. Stay in the Know

If you aren’t already familiar, start learning key LGBTQ+ terms and concepts. Keep up to date on the latest issues and news, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and engage with people in the community.

4. Donate to Groups That Make a Difference

If you’re able, consider giving to a group that supports LGBTQ+ issues, such as The 519.

5. Be Visible

Come out as an ally. Let young people know you’ll accept them no matter what. And sure, you can throw on some rainbow accessories and social filters to have a little fun while you’re at it!

6. Bring Others on Board

Having conversations with family and friends about LGBTQ+ issues can be intimidating. But with respectful dialogue can come new understanding. Consider following up with helpful resources for those ready to learn more.

7. Stand Up to Injustice

Being a good ally means speaking up when you encounter bullying or hateful speech. Let acquaintances know that LGBTQ+-related put-downs and epithets are never acceptable.

8. Get a History Lesson

Learn about LGBTQ+ history and how civil rights advocacy events have shaped the community as we know it today. Look for documentaries and books to gain more knowledge about the past and present.

9. Call for Representation

LGBTQ+ visibility in media, entertainment and advertising is important for dispelling stereotypes and widening the conversation. When you publicly support those initiatives, other companies and brands are more likely to get on board.

Here’s how P&G and GLAAD have helped drive responsible LGBTQ+ inclusion across the advertising industry.

10. Listen, Listen, Listen

Have conversations with LGBTQ+ youth, family, friends and co-workers. Ask what you can do to better support them — and be prepared to listen.

11. Fight for Legislative Action

Stay informed about LGBTQ+ issues in your community and on a national level. You can call and write to your representatives, vote for LGBTQ+-friendly candidates and policies, and find other ways to make your voice heard.

12. Practice Kindness, Compassion and Inclusion

With an open mind and open heart, you can be a better ally. Start from a place of acceptance, and you just might meet people who enhance your perspective and understanding.

Happy Pride to all — and let’s make this a year we can all be proud of.

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