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A legacy of doing good. A commitment to doing better.

Tide Loads of Hope has provided 68,000 loads of clean laundry since 2005. But there will be more times of crisis. Together, we can do better — which is why we created P&G Good Everyday. It’s a new program where we join forces with you and work together to solve real problems every day.

A load of hope goes a long way

When natural disasters strike or communities are faced with times of crisis, the lives of hundreds of families are immediately turned upside down. It is during these trying times that a simple chore like doing laundry can become the hardest to complete. And because clean clothes and fresh laundry bring a sense of dignity, it’s also one of the most important. Providing communities with this ability is a crucial step in restoring routines and helping families get back on their feet.

Since 2005, Tide Loads of Hope has provided 68,000 loads of clean laundry to over 50,000 people affected by natural disasters, including floodings in Alberta, tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding in the US. They also directly distribute cleaning supplies and personal care kits with basic hygiene essentials to the affected areas.

To quickly help the affected populations, Tide partners in Canada with Canada Helps, a disaster-relief organization.

Let’s work together to provide the detergent. Tide will keep the laundry units spinning and the hope unloading — so when the next time of crisis arises, they’ll be ready.

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