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The Canadian Olympic Foundation strives to remove financial barriers from our athletes and equip them with the tools and environments they need to succeed. This includes funding to allow increased access to the best training facilities in Canada by funding the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Networks (COPSIN) from coast to coast.

A legacy of doing good. A commitment to doing better.

Over the last 10 years, P&G has used the global reach and relevancy of the Olympic platform to celebrate the journey athletes take on the road to their Olympic dreams and the many people who have supported them along the way. As we look to the future, we want to build on this strong foundation and leverage our sponsorship to be a Force for Good and a Force for Growth and to inspire acts of good.

The Canadian Olympic Foundation is where power of sport, national pride and impact of philanthropy intersect to make Olympic Dreams become a reality.

As the official charitable organization of Team Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee, the Canadian Olympic Foundation aims to inspire Canadians to believe in their own potential, through sport and Olympic values.

Doing more together.

Every day, athletes across our country prove that determination and teamwork can result in great accomplishments. Our home-grown athletes also demonstrate our uniquely Canadian traits to the world as they pursue their Olympic aspirations.

Financial support allows the Canadian Olympic Foundation to invest in people, infrastructure, and science. Butwell beyond that, together we invest in something undefinable that shines in the faces of those who glow with confidence, national pride, and the knowledge that to be Canadian means something positive. On every podium, behind every record and lifting of Team Canada to new heights, stand generous donors.

Training Centres.

Some athletes are on skis, others in the water, some glide over ice and some run around a track. Some compete by themselves while others are part of a team. There are as many variations as there are sports!

No matter the sport, there are a few things that ALL athletes need: strength and conditioning training. Cardio. Weights. Stretching.

All high performance athletes have access to the COSIN: Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sports Institute Network. With 7 main locations and 19 satellite locations from coast to coast, the COPSIN provides top athletes a place to train, to access nutritionists, physical and mental health therapists, sports scientists and use of top quality gym and exercise equipment.

Please visit for more information on how we enable Canadian athletes to reach their fullest potential.

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